We do agile development

Our methodology for software development is based on SCRUM, a framework that has been the core of our process for the past 5 years. Our methodology brings together the best practices of cloud and business development in a single system which can be adapted for most software projects.
Our process is not static but allows companies to customize the development process according to their needs.

Our methodology

Process elements

Throughout our process, specific tools are created to manage software development and implementation. Although they may differ slightly from one client to another, the most common elements include:

The products portfolio

It details how that version will be made, such as dates, specific features to include and how it will be achieved.

The launch plan

A list of priorities of all user stories that will be built throughout that version.

Iterations collection

Record the work to complete during that sprint.

Burndown charts

It shows where the process is, concerning the fulfillment of all the work required to accomplish the objectives of the sprint.

Retrospective Reports

Throughout the process, we construct a list that shows how the impediments will be resolved.

Our benefits

ADDA has developed world-class software for leading companies that use the ADDAgile methodology. The proven benefits of the methodology are predictable and include the following:
  • Higher quality software, which works better and aligns with the business strategy.
  • Improved delivery rate and faster release intervals.
  • Optimized, self-organized and multifunctional teams.
  • Faster marketing time and shorter valuation time.
  • Fast feedback and continuous improvement in all processes.
  • Improved communication and collaboration of all interested parties.

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